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What does massage feel like?

Massage Therapy will feel different depending on the person, the therapist and the techniques used.
  • Massage techniques on healthy tissue usually feel very good. The normal response to massage is to slow down, breathe deeply and relax.
  • Working in an area of injury or chronic pain may at first cause some discomfort; this usually lessens in the first few minutes.
  • Many people feel that massage must hurt in order to be effective. Massage actually works best when done in a zone of ‘therapeutic tenderness’–a sensation best described as ‘a good pain’–a level of tenderness in which you can breathe comfortably and that decreases quickly as we work, essentially easing the initial discomfort. Please tell your therapist if you think the massage is causing you too much pain.
  • When people have been living in pain for any length of time, it can be difficult to differentiate these sensations, so try to listen closely to your body. The most effective massage works with the body’s natural responses, not against them.